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David Maida has been writing for a wide variety of businesses, publications and websites since 2006 and has amassed an extensive and wide ranging portfolio. His background is in the media at CNN, TVNZ, ABC News, DPA and The New Zealand Herald.

Case studies

Case studies are articles which tell how a business has provided a positive outcome from the perspective of a customer or client. They can be much more powerful than traditional marketing messages because they are effectively endorsements from happy customers. Case studies confirm and validate other market collateral by illustrating true real-life examples of how your business adds value.

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Magazine articles

Whatever the topic, David will research the story and come up with an interesting angle. He gets behind the issues to sort through the clutter and figure out what’s really going on. Whether it’s 500 or 5500 words, David knows what it takes to make a good read.

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News stories

News stories should tell the complete story in the first three lines. The rest is just detail. David has 15 years of combined experience at CNN and TVNZ. As a seasoned journalist, he has the integrity and judgement to be fair and tell a story accurately.

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Newsletters are one of the most powerful tools a company can have to communicate not only with its employees but with its potential customers and clients. It is not only a chance to tout your accomplishments but also a chance to show where you’re headed in the future and why. No reputable company should be without one.

Media releases

Despite what you might think, your media release is not about you. It is about what the audience needs to know about you. Don’t bore a journalist to tears by droning on about how great your company is. Tell them something interesting. Journalists read hundreds of media releases and if you haven’t thrilled them by the third line it’s going in the bin.

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Speeches or speech notes as PR people like to call them need not be complicated. They should be able to convey key messages without the audience feeling like they are being read the company’s annual report. With a twist of humour and some new interesting information the speech should keep the audience’s attention and tell them something they did not know before.

Ghost writing

Would you like to be published but don’t have the time or inclination to write an article yourself. Have an experienced journalist write one which you can put your name on. You may have great ideas and insights but aren’t the type of person to put them on paper yourself. Magazines are often looking for bylined articles they can use to fill space. Whatever the topic, David can write an article you’ll be proud to call your own.