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The Midas Touch

A franchise is a great way to start yourself up in a new businesses without all the pressure and stress of going out on your own says Elizabeth Anglesey, co-franchisee with her partner Marcus of the Midas vehicle services outlet in the Auckland suburb of New Lynn… Read (PDF)

Living Greener in an Eco-Home

When architect Johann Bernhardt left his native Germany to immigrate to New Zealand, the European nation hadn’t made the huge strides toward eco-housing that it has today. But they were realising that they needed to do something to curb their effect on the environment. “In Germany there were so many problems. The environment was deteriorating at a fast rate and…

South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula

South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula has 2000 kms of coastline teeming with fish and seafood of all descriptions. David Maida drives from Whyalla at one end to Ceduna at the other in search of the perfect oyster – and catches up with sea lions Fins McCool and Football along the way… Read (PDF)