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Category: Magazine

Art of Money

Art has been known to fetch some eye-watering prices and provide sellers with exceptional profits. Unfortunately, there is no financial table setting out the rate of return on works of art. Following his passion has taken John Mowbray from schoolboy stamp enthusiast to the MD of international auction house Mowbray Collectables… Read (PDF)

Travel firm to go global

Publisher Jasons Travel is looking to expand its online offerings to include a worldwide holiday and accommodation booking service. If you have ever holidayed in New Zealand then you are bound to have picked up one of Jasons Travel brochures, listing things to see and do as well as where to stay… Read (PDF)

Rural Satellite Broadband

When a six-tonne satellite launched from French Guiana on 11 August 2005, broadband¬†Internet access became an achievable reality for every farmer in New Zealand. David Maida¬†investigates the range of broadband options available to our farming community… Read (PDF)

Hedgehog Haven

I didn’t realize there were hedgehogs in my backyard until I found one stuck inside a peanut butter jar. I’d left the jar outside on the ground for the birds to finish off. The little hedgie had obviously been trying to free itself for quite a while and was none too happy about his predicament… Read (PDF)

Violin via videoconference

If you’re in a rural school, chances are music lessons are not that easy to come by. So, if you have a budding Dame Kiri or Neil Finn growing up in your classroom – or kids who just want to give a musical instrument a try – what do you do? Read (PDF)