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Category: Case Studies

Financial Advisers Harness the Power of Word of Mouth

by David Maida Financial advisers know that overcoming trust and fear issues with prospective clients is critical in developing a strong relationship. Referrals have long been a great source of new clients because someone has already spoken highly of you. But written testimonials in the form of case studies can describe the experiences of existing clients and help break the…

Case Studies Attract New Customers

by David Maida The best form of marketing is always word-of-mouth, but case studies can capture positive customer experiences for a large audience. Case studies tell of how a client or customer has had a great result from your product or service. With social media, people have become accustomed to seeing comments from the end user. Potential customers expect to…

The Midas Touch

A franchise is a great way to start yourself up in a new businesses without all the pressure and stress of going out on your own says Elizabeth Anglesey, co-franchisee with her partner Marcus of the Midas vehicle services outlet in the Auckland suburb of New Lynn… Read (PDF)