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Case Studies Attract New Customers

by David Maida

The best form of marketing is always word-of-mouth, but case studies can capture positive customer experiences for a large audience. Case studies tell of how a client or customer has had a great result from your product or service. With social media, people have become accustomed to seeing comments from the end user. Potential customers expect to know what the end result will be before they make a purchase or engage a company for its services. But more importantly, case studies give businesses a unique and unparalleled way of communicating the value they add. Positive messages coming from a satisfied customer are naturally more powerful than any marketing the company can do on its own.

Benefits include:

  • Harnessing the power of word of mouth for use online
  • Hearing directly from a satisfied customer about their positive experiences
  • Giving the business a voice which is much more credible than its own
  • Putting a name to a specific person who has enjoyed the product
  • Showing exactly what the product or service offers
  • Identifying how your business interacts with its customers
  • Seeing the real-life benefits that your company can offer

    A professional business journalist can interview your customers and find out benefits your company may not even know you provide. Perhaps the customer found new uses for your product or benefited from your services in ways you never realised. Since 2005, I have written business stories for news websites, company webpages, magazines and newspapers. The industries I have written for include financial services, banking, construction, electricity, food services, tourism, railroad, intranet infrastructure, telecommunications, energy efficiency and photography to name a few.

    The results:
    A business journalist can provide a fresh pair of eyes on an issue, experience or story that someone within the industry may very well take for granted. An experienced journalist can tease out the details and identify the heart of the story that will draw in readers and engage them. I write articles geared towards achieving your marketing objectives.

    A website with fresh content receives more hits because of its higher search engine ranking. People love to read stories. And even if they’re just browsing the web on a particular topic, they will be drawn to case studies on your website. Some larger companies have whole departments dedicated to keeping fresh content online. Smaller companies can contract that work out and realise the benefits of having a fresh and vibrant website with interesting case studies.