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Highly experienced writer for online media, case studies, in-house communications and social media.

Turn your next writing project over to David with the confidence that it will be delivered on time with precision and expertise.

David Maida provides businesses with valuable marketing collateral which brings them new customers and clients.

He is an OECD accredited journalist with decades of experience in illustrating the solutions businesses provide to both people and other businesses. He has a global news background having worked for CNN in Atlanta, ABC News in London, The New Zealand Herald, Television New Zealand and writing as the Auckland correspondent for Sydney’s Portfolio Construction Forum, London’s M&A wire service Mergermarket and Germany’s DPA wire service.

David Maida has helped a wide variety of leading brands across Australasia including Nestlé Food Services, The New Zealand Heart Foundation, South Australia Tourism, The EECA and both BNZ and ANZ banks.

He displays a no-nonsense style which transforms sometimes complex subject matter into language which can be understood by a broad readership. He spots the key elements of a story which brings it to life in a compelling way.

Let David Maida tell your business stories so future clients and customers can have a real sense of the benefits and value your business provides.

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